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179 Jan van Riebeeck Street, Pretoria North, 0182, Gauteng, South Africa
Contact: Antoinette Pryra
Telephone: +27 (0)12 546-5353, Mobile: +27 (0)82 300-3648

The Event is an invitation design company that prides itself on its quality and personalized service to our customers. We are passionate about making wedding invitations as unique as you are.

the invitation

Many have spoken about the power of the written word, and there is no better example than the wedding invitation. It is a public, written declaration by two individuals stating their intention of making a lifelong commitment to each other. Sending out your personalized or uniquely designed wedding invitations will be the symbolic crossing of a threshold - from planning and dreaming to setting in motion the fulfillment of months of hard work.

Your personalized invitations act as that essential prelude to the big day, building momentum during the last few months before the event. Not only re-energizing the bride-to-be but also enticing the guests with a small glimpse of what can be expected on the day.

Whether you prefer the grace of a traditional wedding or the excitement of an alternative one, the wedding invitation will tell the guests exactly what they need to know. Consider the wedding invite as a paper ambassador of your own individual style. It is by far not the most important aspect of the day, but should hold a place in your heart and scrapbook in years to come.

Let us help create the most glamorous or intriguing or graceful wedding invitations that will stay the topic of conversation long after the day is over.

the event

The Event caters for weddings, special occasion and corporate events and operates in the Pretoria and Johannesburg region. We take great effort in accommodating each individual event theme and design to accommodate your budget. Only the highest quality paper and embellishments are used and we provide affordable but memorable pieces that are aimed at your satisfaction.

The Event’s services include the design and production of invitations such as pocket fold, DL and boxed and “laser cut” invitations can also be designed and created. More contemporary invites such as fan and scroll invitations are also created and our customers come to us with varied and exciting requirements.
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