Drive & Camp

5 Scholtz Road, Green Point, 8005, Cape Town, South Africa
Contact: Jeanne and Michael
Telephone: +27 (0)21 434-0968, Mobile: +27 (0)79 179-9191

South Africa has a dense net of well equipped and beautifully located camping sites, connected by an equally well maintained road network. Drive and Camp offers the most affordable and independent way of exploring South Africa. Get one of our complete camping equipment sets and start your African Adventure.

Drive & Camp offers all you need to camp in South Africa. Pick up your gear in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth or Durban, hit the road and return it to anyone of these destinations. All equipment is thoroughly checked, cleaned and in mint condition before leaving our depots. Best of all: our camping equipment fits into any make or size of vehicle.


We offer a complete set of camping equipment for 2 Persons (with the option of a top-up for third person). Now all you need is a car: we gladly assist you in finding an adequate transport at favourable rates - get a quote and compare!


1 x large dome tent (max. 4 persons)
2 x foam mattresses
2 x camping chairs
1 x camping table
1 x gas bottle (filled)
1 x gas cooker
1 x rechargeable lantern
2 x breakfast and dinner plates
2 x mugs
2 x cereal bowls
2 x glasses
2 x plastic food containers
1 x strainer
1 x cutting board
2 x sets of knives, forks and spoons
2 x steak knives
1 x soup ladle and 1 x bread knife
1 x grater
1 x BBQ tongs
1 x braai (BBQ) grid
1 x tin opener
1 x cork screw
1 x egg lifter
1 x kettle
1 x pan
1 x pot
1 x dishes basin
1 x dustpan and broom
1 x washing line and pegs
2 x dish cloth
2 x kitchen towels
1 x water container
1 x cooler box
1 x axe

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