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47 Mills Street, Strrand, 7140, Western Cape, South Africa
Contact: Hein von Solms
Telephone: +27 (0)21 853-8742, Facsimile: +27 (0)21 853-8742, Mobile: +27 (0)83 320-2024

If you demand a better than average quality sound and music service, you are at the right place!

You may find a DJ who is very experienced in playing in clubs etcetera. This is not what is required for your wedding! Providing sound and music for a wedding is in fact a highly specialized craft! Having the experience and knowledge of the various potential pitfalls is the most important aspect of your wedding DJ/ sound provider. The equipment used in clubs and pubs by DJs is in fact not at all suitable for your wedding, where the quality of the sound required is totally different to that of the night-club or disco.

On the day

A sound system is set up at the ceremony venue and the marriage officer is provided with a radio microphone to share the ceremony with your guests. Any music can be played at this time, and sound can be provided for singers and musicians.

A second sound system is set up at the reception venue, with up to four speakers to ensure optimum sound coverage. To us, the quality of the sound at your ceremony, as well as the speeches, is of paramount importance, so the sound levels and controls are monitored at all times.

The MC is provided with a radio microphone for speeches and announcements. We allow no chance of any problems, and set up two microphones just in case.


Computer equipment is used, and everything is backed up in the unlikely event of equipment failure. Your music is backed up on MP3 disc, which is presented to you at the end of the night. We play the music that you select, and not our own choice. Should you have a videographer, he will be provided with your music on disc to enhance his product. We use world renowned Yamaha sound equipment, and Shure microphones.

This excellent quality service is available at surprisingly affordable rates. We have done more than 600 extremely successful weddings in the last ten years, and look forward to the next ten years. No matter whether you are celebrating your wedding on the beach, or in the forest, with 10 or 600 guests, we can handle the sound for you.

Please let us know your wedding date and venue, and we will be delighted to send you a detailed quotation.
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