Injisuthi Nature Reserve

Injisuthi Nature Reserve is nestled among the Drakensberg peaks of Monk’s Cowl, Cathkin and Giant’s Castle

KwaZulu Natal Game and Nature ReservesThe Injisuthi Nature Reserve

Injisuthi Nature Reserve is nestled among the Drakensberg peaks of Monk’s Cowl, Cathkin and Giant’s Castle, all of which are popular tourist attractions in their own rights.

The Drakensberg Mountain Range is one of South Africa’s most exquisite treasures, extending across the borders of several provinces and gracing the landscape with its high peaks and rugged appeal. It is home to a number of naturally conserved and valuable areas, one of which is the lovely Injisuthi Nature Reserve. Its name means “Little Tugela”. Injisuthi Dome is one of the highest peaks in the country, at an impressive 3 379 metres above sea level.

The reserve is flanked by two streams (Old Woman and Delmhlwazini), which add a rich sense of biodiversity and ecological balance to the mix. From just about every place within its borders, the views of the mountains and the South African countryside are nothing less than breath-taking and promise a memorable trip, even for South African visitors that have only embarked on a trip of a few hours to get here.

The Injisuthi Nature Reserve is a popular hotspot for those who love camping and hiking, as the camp grounds here are well equipped and idyllically situated. The amenities include hot water, ablution facilities and hutted accommodation, making it an ideal retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life without having to give up on some homely basics. It is great for adventurous little ones that want to explore the outdoors too.

Walking and hiking trails take visitors into the mountains and valleys to explore their unique beauty. There are also a number of caves along the various pathways that showcase the rock art left behind by the indigenous tribes that once occupied the area and lived off the abundance of the land.

One such attraction is the Battle Caves, and you are sure to be mesmerised by the ancient records of the life and customs of these people, as left behind on its untouched rock faces. This is a 15 kilometre hike that takes about six hours with an experienced guide and tells the tale of the clash between two San tribes. It is a circular trail. The Grindstone Caves trail is a shorter one, covering six kilometres and taking about three hours to complete. It showcases gorgeous yellowwood forests and sandstone cliffs in addition to the fascinating caves. One of the most popular trails around the Injisuthi Nature Reserve is Van Heyningen’s Pass, which is eight kilometres long and boasts wonderful views of the surrounding peaks.

The Mdedelo Wilderness Area is another stunning place to see and is a short distance north of Injisuthi Nature Reserve. It has been left largely untouched by human beings and invites visitors to immerse themselves in the pristine loveliness of the region.

Interestingly, the Drakensberg and Injisuthi are popular fly-fishing spots, frequented by those with a penchant for escaping the city stresses and spending time on the water. Trout fishing, or simply relaxing in these lovely surrounds, is the perfect pastime while taking in the fresh air and sunshine of Africa.

Popular Activities in Injisuthi Nature Reserve

Mafadi Peak Hiking Trails

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Lower Injisuthi Cave Hike

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Popular Attractions in Injisuthi Nature Reserve

Tugela Falls

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The Tugela Falls in the Drakensberg is the highest waterfall in Africa. It is also regarded as the second highest waterfall in the world. There is, however, an ongoing debate that it could be the world's tallest waterfall, as opposed to Angel Falls in...

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Drakensberg Horse Trails

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