Dwesa and Cwebe Nature Reserve

The two sister nature reserves of Dwesa and Cwebe lie separated by the Mbashe River on the central wild coast

Eastern Cape Game and Nature ReservesThe Dwesa and Cwebe Nature Reserve

The two fairly small sister nature reserves of Dwesa and Cwebe lie separated only by the Mbashe River on the central wild coast, bordered on one side by the forest-fringed shores of the Indian Ocean, and on the other by the undulating hills and grasslands of the former Transkei.

The two remote and beautiful Dwesa and Cwebe Nature reserves have possibly managed to remain obscure due to the notoriety of access roads in the region, and although they receive regular attention, a couple of rainy seasons usually puts paid to any road upgrades.

Dwesa and Cwebe combined preserve one of the biggest tracts of indigenous coastal forest in the Eastern Cape Province, as well as a fertile inter-tidal and marine environment, which is particularly sensitive.

The Reserves are rather undeveloped and small, which may explain the enviable bird life - over 290 species of bird have been recorded on the reserves. Beautiful footpaths allow one to explore the nature reserves of Dwesa and Cwebe on foot.

Whilst both reserves have similar habitats and vegetation, Dwesa reserve has introduced a number of game animals like the buffalo, eland, blesbok, blue wildebeest and warthog, and crocodiles have been reintroduced to the rivers.

Dwesa nature reserve is the larger of the two, at 3 900 hectares, resting on the western banks of the Mbashe River that includes a little estuary that flows into the sea. The reserve is particularly beautiful and regarded as something of a rambler’s paradise; the views from Kobole Point touted in particular as worth the walk.

Cwebe reserve is smaller and home to an exceptionally beautiful diversity of habitats that include forests, mangroves, beach, grassland, and sightings of the Cape clawless otter in the lagoon. The waterfall trail in the forest is worth the trip alone.

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Did you know?

Dwesa is a paradise for avid bird-watchers with 290 species recorded here including the Nerina Togon.

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