Waenhuiskrans Cave

Waenhuiskrans (wagon house cliff) is the highlight of a visit to Waenhuiskrans Nature Reserve in Arniston

Western Cape Tourist AttractionsThe Waenhuiskrans Cave

Waenhuiskrans (wagon house cliff) is the highlight of a visit to Waenhuiskrans Nature Reserve in Arniston. What makes the Waenhuiskrans Cave so exciting is the low-tide leap-and-a-bit to reach it, over barnacle-encrusted rocks with one's eye on the sea for the odd freak wave.

Where? Waenhuiskrans Nature Reserve, Arniston, Cape Overberg

How? Call +27 (0)28 424-2584

Overnight? See Arniston accommodation, in Cape Overberg

The Waenhuiskrans Cave is cavernous. So large, in fact, that it is named for its space the idea being that a wagon and a full span of oxen could turn around inside (there is no way that you could actually get your oxen or cart down here, but that's not important, obviously). It is also incredibly beautiful and the views out to sea from within the cave, spellbinding.

After gingerly making your way across the rocks, which hug the edge of the cliffs that provide a rather tenuous support for your fingers but enough to maintain your balance, to the cave, you will need to navigate the small opening beneath a rocky overhang that takes you into the cave proper.

This overhang has led people to describe the cave as two caves, but the initial one barely qualifies as such. Due to Waenhuiskrans cave's popularity, it is seldom that you will find yourself on your own, and people soon point out where next to go.

Inside the Waenhuiskrans Cave your eyes will need to adjust to the gloom, but then the delight of the cave overcomes you. It is damp - the tide obviously fills the cave or it wouldn't be there in the first place - and filled with rocks and pebbles, little pools and of course, graffiti on one of the walls. Infront of you is the cave opening proper, with incredible views out over the ocean.

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The Whale Trail in Arniston allows visitors that want to experience the beauty of the region on foot to watch as the whales frolic in the chilly Western Cape waters, delighting spectators with their antics; showcasing their mammoth beauty and inquisitive natures.

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