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Only for those seriously hooked on adrenaline, skydiving in South Africa is arguably the most excitement you can have on a plane... or jumping out of it.

Armed with your parachute and some goggles, you hurl yourself out of a plane flying thousands of feet above the ground and plummet down towards the earth. At just the right moment, you pull the chord and your descent is stopped as your parachute unfurls and you slowly float down to solid ground.

Admittedly, the first time you try skydiving, you’ll be doing more screaming than taking in the scenery, but after a few jumps, you’ll be more relaxed and able to gaze at the wonders of South Africa from a vantage point that not many will get to see. South African skydiving has a huge following and as such has a well established commercial sector which will enable seasoned professionals or keen novices to experience the absolute thrill of skydiving in South Africa.

On a Cape Town skydiving excursion, you will see the beautiful city sandwiched between the towering Table Mountain and the bustling Table Bay harbour. To the far side of Table Mountain lies False Bay, Hout Bay and the grandeur of the South Peninsula as far as Cape Point. To the West, you will see Robben Island and the Atlantic breaking on the beautiful Cape West Coast.

To the North is the Langebaan lagoon which is a great kite surfing and windsurfing location. Picture yourself enjoying a thrill packed skydive over these magnificent terrains and then relaxing on a beautiful wine farm or sipping a refreshing and well deserved cocktail on the Camps Bay Beachfront.

If you’re brave enough to do skydiving, but not sure if you can manage it on your own just yet, then sign up for a tandem or static line skydive. Tandem skydiving allows you to experience the thrill of free fall without the effort of learning all the theory.

You will be strapped to a Tandem Instructor with a special harness that is attached to a specially designed parachute large and strong enough to support both of you.

Once out of the plane, you freefall at around 120kph - 200kph, falling for approximately 25 seconds from 9,000ft or for about 35 seconds from 11,000ft. The Tandem Instructor opens the parachute at about 5000ft, and a peaceful 3-4 minute parachute ride to the ground follows. If you would like to capture the moment, most South African skydiving establishments can organize a video cameraman who can accompany you on your jump.

EP Skydivers is situated in the picturesque town of Grahamstown and has been in business for over 30 years. They have highly trained instructors and jumpmasters at your service. Members get personal attention at all times, which enhance your progression and safety. South African skydiving professionals can also try their hand at formation jumps in the Pretoria area.

If your stomach can handle the thrill, then there is no doubt that skydiving in South Africa will give you the time of you life. Be prepared for an adrenaline pumping skydive over the wondrous landscapes in South Africa.

Popular Skydiving Destinations

Skydive in Mossel Bay

Where? Mossel Bay
Skydive Mossel Bay offers you the experience of a lifetime! Do a tandem skydive from 10 000ft strapped to an experienced tandem instructor and enjoy the thrill of free fall on your 1st jump! No experience required. After a short briefing we strap...

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Skydive with Skyhigh Tandems

Where? Depart from Johannesburg
A Tandem skydive is a one on one skydive where you are attached, with a special harness to an instructor, and therefore is the quickest way to experience freefall. No training necessary, you are simply attached by a special harness to a qualified tandem...

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Tandem Skydive in Modimolle

Where? Modimolle
Once you leave the aircraft from 11 000ft (over 3.5km high up) you experience the feeling of freefall, your life will change forever! After a 40 second freefall your Tandem Instructor will deploy the parachute. Together you will fly the parachute back to...

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Skydiving in Bloemfontein

Where? Bloemfontein
Bloemfontein skydiving club is one of the oldest skydiving clubs in the country, and is situated at Tempe airport just West of Bloemfontein. We are a sport club that is affiliated at the Mangaung municipality, that is also registered with PASA. We...

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If you’re brave enough to do skydiving, but not sure if you can manage it on your own just yet, then sign up for a tandem or static line skydive. Tandem skydiving allows you to experience the thrill of free fall without the effort of learning all the theory.

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