Direct Action Centre for Peace & Memory

26 Avenue Road, Woodstock, 7925, Cape Town, South Africa
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The Direct Action Centre for Peace and Memory in Woodstock runs history and memory excursions and trains former freedom fighters to become excursion facilitators. Excursion facilitators take national as well as international visitors to sites that are etched into the memories of people who live on the Cape Flats: District Six, the Trojan Horse memorial in Athlone, Langa and the Gugulethu Seven.

“For me it is a platform to tell and share the real stories of my community and myself on a high standard, so that it is acceptable to tourists”, says graduate and ex-liberation soldier Mzi Noji.

The excursions have since 1997 opened up spaces for freedom fighters such as Sgidi to start the process of healing and reconstruction. The tours also created the opportunity for others to listen and interact; to have an experience that brings awareness and understanding of what so many went through during the liberation struggle and the struggle of today: the struggle for jobs.

“We regularly have groups of students from the University of Washington (USA) on our two-day workshops and for both, the excursion facilitators and the students, this journey is all about exchanging, understanding across socio-cultural borders”, says DACPM-director Yazir Henri.

Excursion Leaders

The four excursion leaders that are employed at DACPM are all pro-actively involved in designing and updating narratives and markers of heritage in and around the Cape Town. “Heritage is always placed in the foreground on our excursions. That same heritage that was neglected in the past. Therefore you find few monuments or plaques on the Cape Flats”, says DACPM-director Yazir Henri.

The participants are being taught to be pro-active from the start of the course as excursion leaders are encouraged to find personal monuments in the environment and make them their own. “That’s how the red roofs of the administrative buildings in Langa became a memorial to those who had been imprisoned for refusing to carry passbooks.”

“Most stories that are told are very individual, very personal. And -also important- they are told with dignity.“

The DACPM yearly selects 40 ex-combatants to go through the course. The centre aims to place all of the graduates in the tourism and heritage sector in and around Cape Town.

A History and Memory Excusion (half day)
On the Journey of Remembrance (JOR) former freedom fighters take you back to a time when incidents as the Trojan Horse and Gugulethu Seven were common in South Africa. On our time ...
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