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Greater Addo Region Attractions and Places of Special Interest in the Greater Addo Region of the Eastern Cape
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Greater Addo, Eastern Cape

Elephants in the Addo Elephant National Park
Elephants in the Addo Elephant National Park

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Greater Addo is largely dominated by the Addo Elephant Park, the boundaries of which now extend right from the edge of Darlington Dam in the north to Colchester at the coast, incorporating the beautiful Sundays River Valley.

However, the region of Greater Addo is an incredibly diverse, beautiful area in the Eastern Cape Province that remains largely ‘undiscovered’, despite the thousands of visitors to the park.

Often overlooked in favour of the Sunshine Coast, the park includes the incredible Zuurberg Mountains in the north and the Alexandria dune fields - the highest dunes south of the Namib Desert - and forests where the Sundays River meets the sea.

Greater Addo is essentially a conservation area. It has an incredible diversity of fauna and flora - from the arid Karoo basin in the north with its mainly succulent shrubs and endless plains, through grassland vegetation and valley bushveld to subtropical thicket. The emphasis is on biodiversity and the complete wildlife experience, and it is little surprise to realise the full beauty of the different landscapes in the Greater Addo region.

Elephants in the Greater Addo Elephant Park
Elephants in the Greater Addo Elephant Park
Greater Addo is far more than just elephants. The Sundays River Valley, which nestles in the crook formed by the Addo Elephant National Park as it skirts the edge of the valley, is one of South Africa’s major citrus producers. Millions of oranges find their way around the world from orange packing facilities in the valley.

The little settlement at Kirkwood is worth a visit, particularly in June for the Kirkwood wildlife festival, as is the missionary station of Enon. The valley is also famous for its roses and the Addo Rose and Garden show, held in October, is considered the best of its kind in the world.

A visit to Greater Addo promises a series of adventures that include game viewing, horse-riding in amongst elephants, elephant-back safaris, hiking, fishing, citrus tours, private game reserves, spas, donkey cart rides and mountain walks.

Greater Addo

Destinations / Town & Suburbs of Greater Addo


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Addo

Completely overshadowed by the world-renowned Addo Elephant Park, there is actually a little town about an hour’s drive from Port Elizabeth, called Addo. This small citrus farming community serves mainly as a supplement to ... addo information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Alexandria

Alexandria lies en route to Bushman’s River Mouth and Kenton-on-Sea just 50 kilometres from Port Alfred, roughly halfway between Durban and Cape Town. It is described as a friendly farming community that sustains itself from ... alexandria information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Colchester

Lying on the banks of the Sundays River, just 20 minutes’ drive from the coast of Port Elizabeth, lies Colchester in a part of the country that remains largely unspoilt, surrounded by sand dunes that date back about 100 000 years ... colchester information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Kirkwood

The farming community of Kirkwood, in the heart of the Sundays River Valley, close to the northern regions of the Addo Elephant Park, would arguably remain in obscurity were it not for the Kirkwood Wildlife Festival in June ... kirkwood information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Jansenville

Jansenville lies in the Eastern Cape's nature and conservation region, an area of roughly 438 000 hectares of managed nature reserves that are committed to protecting bio-diversity, conservation and forming beneficial ... jansenville information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Nanaga

In the foothills of the Zuurberg Mountains, bang in the middle of game reserve country, lies the little village of Paterson - named after its founder, John Paterson. Not quite midway between Shamwari and the Addo Elephant ... nanaga information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Paterson

The somewhat obscure little village of Nanaga scores by dint of the fact that it is ideally placed on the South African map. Not only is it virtually just outside the Greater Addo Elephant Park, but it is also a short ... paterson information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Sidbury

Lying in the midst of what is considered 'frontier country', Sidbury is one of several quaint little towns, with Grahamstown as their centre, that make up one of the most ecologically diverse regions in South Africa and the heart of ... sidbury information

Somerset East

Where to Stay: Accommodation in Somerset East

Somerset East is very close to the Boschberg Nature Reserve, which has a number of very popular hiking trails. This is bird-watching country and the natural beauty of this haven is yet a relatively undiscovered treasure. In ... somerset east information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Sunland

Sunland lies in the gorgeous Sundays River Valley, which stretches from Addo in the south to the little citrus village of Kirkwood that lies just a little further north west of Sunland on Route 336. The landscape here is ... sunland information


Where to Stay: Accommodation in Zuurberg

Zuurberg lies at the foot of the mountain of the same name. The historic Zuurberg Pass, almost entirely surrounded by the Greater Addo National Park, is a narrow cutting through the Zuurberg Mountains, built in the 1850s and the ... zuurberg information

Greater Addo

Featured and "Must See" Attractions in Greater Addo

Addo Elephant Park

Situated in a malaria free area the magnificently diverse Addo Elephant Park offers a wide variety of game viewing, outdoor adventure, accommodation and cultural experiences. You will be amazed at the variety of South Africa Wildlife that can be experienced in one easily accessible destination ... more information

Alexandria Dunefield

Alexandria Dunefield is a reserve on the Sunshine Coast, Eastern Cape, that is privately owned by a family who has been farming chicory and livestock here since 1899. These extensive dunefields cover 142 square kilometers of ground, with some dunes being 2.5 kilometers wide and up to 140 ... more information

Bosberg Nature Reserve

Set on the southern slopes of the Bosberg Mountains, the Bosberg Nature Reserve is a thickly wooded nature reserve that looms over the town of Somerset East. The lower slopes and sheltered kloofs are covered with beautiful Outeniqua yellowwoods, white stinkwoods, cabbage trees, wild peaches and olives ... more information

Eden to Addo Biodiversity Corridor

The Eden to Addo biodiversity corridor connects the Western Cape and Eastern Cape with a far reaching dream that underlies the project – that of restoring the ancient elephant migration paths across the Cape, and the effects this would have on the ecological balance of the region. The corridor links the Garden Route National ... more information

Kamala Game Reserve

Kamala Game Reserve is a private reserve lying between the Bruinjieshoogte and Boschberg mountain ranges that each rise to about 6 000 feet, close to Somerset East. Through the reserve the Little Fish River winds for some 34 kilometres. See over 30 species of animal that include ... more information

Mountain Zebra National Park

The craggy heights of the Mountain Zebra National Park's Bankberg embrace rolling plains and deep valleys, and has become an entrancing preserve for the Cape mountain zebra. The proclamation of the park in 1937 saved these animals from extinction, and currently their population stands at 350 ... more information

Kirkwood Wildlife Festival

Kirkwood’s annual wildlife festival developed around an auction of game from the Addo Elephant National Park and other reserves has become a firm family favourite because of the variety it offers. There is a special play area to keep the very young safe and happy while the rest of the ... more information

Pumba Game Reserve

Lying in a particularly breathtaking setting that includes five of the world’s seven biomes, Pumba Private Game Reserve has a couple of major advantages: one, it is set in a malaria-free part of the Eastern Cape, and two, it provides really easy access to big game viewing, including the Big Five, making travelling to ... more information

Greater Addo

Featured Things To Do in Greater Addo

Addo Dung Beetle Breeding Station

Where: Addo
How much (per person): On Request

The conservation project's purpose was to breed Circellium bacchus dung beetles and reintroduce them back into nature, and to create an awar ... more information

Canoeing on the Sundays River

Where: Colchester
How much (per person): On Request

Paddle a canoe on the beautiful Sundays River. The Sundays River in Greater Addo is an excellent location for canoeing. Contact Bob to arran ... more information

Daniell Cheetah Breeding Project

Where: Kirkwood
How much (per person): Free

The Daniell Cheetah Breeding Farm was established in May 2001 and started with just three cats. The project has grown in leaps and bounds by ... more information

Elephant Safari

Where: Addo
How much (per person): On Request

Walk with the Elephants through the diverse valley bushveld, ravine and forest habitat unique to this part of the Eastern Cape. The informat ... more information

Eden to Addo Hike

Where: Knysna to Addo
How much (per person): On Request

The Eden to Addo hike is considered by some as the longest, if not the toughest hiking trail in South Africa. Regarded as a 'mega' hike, ... more information

Greater Addo

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Greater Addo Region Attractions and Places of Special Interest in the Greater Addo Region of the Eastern Cape
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